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Any business in operation generates waste. Such is a given. Often, that waste can be unique to the industry that created it, and the healthcare industry is no different in that respect. What is different is they type of waste that is created. The diagnosis, treatment, immunization, and research of diseases can create waste that is dangerous to both people and the environment. Such created the need for specialized forms of disposal. To simply throw it into the regular garbage is dangerous to all involved. Instead, various laws on federal, state, and even local levels regulate this waste for the safety of all involved. Handling as well as disposing of this material must be done properly to eliminate as much of the risk as possible. This means locations like labs, clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes as well as any other medical care facility must find a proper way to remove their medical waste. NY Medical Waste is a group of specialists ready to assist these locations.


Regulated and medical waste are terms that cover a wide variety of hazardous materials created by healthcare facilities. Medical procedures such as chemotherapy, medication, or treatment of diseases create unique forms of waste that must be dealt with properly.


Some forms include:
  Chemotherapeutic – Contaminated material associated with chemo such as IV bags and tubing, gowns, syringes, and gloves
  Pharmaceutical – Materials used in the diagnosis, treatment, curing, preventing, or managing of disease in people or animals
  Pathological – Testing tissue samples, body parts, and fluids can create potentially infectious materials that can be dangerous.

These samples need to be treated as though they are dangerous every time, and disposed of properly. In fact, both the material and it’s container must be disposed of carefully and completely Healthcare also requires meticulous records be kept for each patient and study, providing a complete history for that case. Across the multitude of cases in an area, facilities can generate large amounts of waste that contain sensitive information. Eventually, this material must be disposed of but in such a way as to protect your patients. Overclassified waste is also regulated, as it may not be dangerous as material, but the information is sensitive and must be handled appropriately. Such also includes outdated pharmaceuticals and any other waste that must be destroyed in a careful way.


Federal, state, and even local laws are in place to protect individuals from the hazards of medical and regulated waste in New York. As such, any company handling the material must be aware of these laws and how they both interact and directly govern the disposal of this material. Additionally, OSHA is also involved to ensure the safety of the workers disposing of this material as well as those in the workplace generating the waste. Any people that work with it must be careful and diligent in the management of medical waste in New York. Remaining up-to-code on all these various laws and entities is paramount to New York Medical Waste, and as such all our associates are fully licensed and accredited in the field. Our group of experts are familiar with the local area, and how to properly handle your medical waste in NY. Such expertise allows New York Medical Waste to be familiar with the state laws as well as our neighbors, and have a network of resources to help handle any sort of situation. The expertise and facilities of a wide variety of disposal types are all available to us. In addition to the earlier mentioned forms of medical waste in NY, we are also ready to handle materials like sharps, red bag waste, isolation waste, and various other types. We are ready and able to handle a broad variety of waste in the proper way, regardless of what type it may be.


All of our associates are fully licensed and accredited in the laws concerning medical waste in NY. We are also familiar with all the regulations OSHA enforces to ensure a safe working environment despite these materials. However, most medical facilities are not as familiar. As such, we are proud to offer training in the regulations to your staff. New York Medical Waste is happy to come to your workplace, and offer education on the laws and regulations you may need. This ensures your staff are experts in the handling and storing of various forms of waste. As your facility will generate and store the waste until we can arrive and remove it, it would be better to know your people are experts in it as well. Your people need to be fully educated on how best to handle the waste, for their safety. As we are specialists in such, who better to teach them what to do? Our experts can make your people experts too, ensuring that OSHA rules are followed and the risk of injury or infection is removed.


Medical waste in New York is hazardous and requires specialized transportation and care. Our staff is local and understand all the nuances of dealing with your medical waste. We have the expertise to handle it properly and efficiently, not only removing it from your site but ensuring it is rendered inert in the right way. Various forms of medical waste can be eliminated in different ways. For instance, most will be incinerated and reduced to ash. This material will no longer be a danger to anybody or the environment. Not all material must be completely destroyed, however. Some items can be put into an auto-clave and sterilized by removing the dangerous part while keeping the remainder intact. Such is true for things like scalpels. By making them safe, the materials can be reintroduced into the system for further use. This recycling reduces overall costs for healthcare facilities and benefits all involved. Other materials can be sterilized using chemicals like bleach. Understanding what method to use and how to implement them safely is a unique skill set we are proud to have here at New York Medical Waste. We have more facilities and experts that can provide a wealth of resources other local companies may not have access to. Such provides us more options and the ability to handle even more varied forms of medical waste in New York.


New York Medical Waste represents a highly specialized set of licensed professionals. We are dedicated to handling your waste removal needs quickly and efficiently. Locally based, we are most familiar with the area and the red tape associated with hazardous waste removal. Experts in the field, we are ready to move in and work with the state legislation to take care of your waste. We are also proud to have a clear business model that is easy to work with.


Despite dealing with red tape from laws and regulations, we are not fans of convoluted systems and paperwork. As such, your billing statement will be transparent and easy to read. Devoid of any vague charges or random fees, New York Medical Waste will provide you an easy-to-read and simplified bill clearly showing each charge. You will know precisely what you are paying for, and have no difficulty breaking down your bill at any time. Additionally, we want our excellence to speak for itself. Once hired, you will be able to rely on our staff to remove your medical waste in NY quickly and dispose of it appropriately. It is this business satisfaction that we rely upon to remain business partners. At no time will you be locked into a long-term contract. Instead, we look forward to serving your facility for the foreseeable future through excellent service. You can start or discontinue at any time, without any contracts or penalties if you choose to stop using our services at any time.


Our licensed experts are focused on doing this job with excellence. New York Medical Waste specializes in the unique field of removing and disposing of medical and regulated waste appropriately. We continually strive to be the best in our field in our area. From disposal of waste, to recycling materials, to instructing your staff on how to follow OSHA and codes when dealing with dangerous materials, we are proud to give you our best. The expansive amount of resources we represent both in skill and in disposal techniques makes us a leader in the local field. We are proud to offer you a worry-free option for your medical waste removal.

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